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AI Global is a student visa consulting agency that helps students study abroad.

We provide comprehensive assistance in securing student visas, selecting educational institutions, and offering additional services such as visit visa assistance, air ticket booking, IELTS learner courses, and Japan language learner programs. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to simplifying the process and making international education accessible to aspiring students. Join us at AI Global to explore a world of endless opportunities.


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Our Vision

To empower students worldwide to unlock their potential through international education, creating a future generation of global leaders and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and personalized guidance to students seeking to study abroad. We are committed to simplifying the complex visa process, offering expert advice on educational institutions, and facilitating seamless transitions into new cultures. Through our services, we strive to make international education accessible, transformative, and a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

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As the owner of AI Global, I am passionate about helping students study abroad. We provide personalized guidance and support, simplifying the visa process and offering a range of services. Our goal is to make international education accessible and empower students to explore new opportunities. Join us at AI Global and let's make your study abroad dreams come true.

K. I Ashan Alwis

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We are more than just consultants; we are your advocates throughout your entire journey. From the moment you join AI Global, you become part of our family. We provide unwavering support, address your concerns promptly, and ensure you feel confident and prepared for the adventure that awaits.


We understand that each student is unique, with specific dreams and aspirations. That's why we tailor our services to your individual needs. Our personalized approach ensures you receive guidance that aligns with your ambitions and maximizes your chances of success.


We are passionate about empowering students to dream big and realize their full potential. Our commitment to excellence and integrity drives us to go above and beyond, providing you with the tools and resources necessary to shape your future.



Expert guidance and personalized assistance for studying abroad or obtaining a visit visa.


Simplified visa process, saving students time and effort. Extensive network of trusted educational institutions and industry partners.


Additional services like air ticket booking and language learning programs for convenience.


Cultural exposure and language learning opportunities. Endless opportunities for personal growth, career advancement, and global connections.


Ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire journey With AI Global, students can rely on expert assistance, simplify the process, access a wide range of options, and unlock a world of opportunities

Because you deserve to shine.

Join AI Global today and embark on a transformative journey towards your dreams, where personalized guidance, simplified processes, and a world of endless opportunities await you.